2JZGTE Wiring Harness for BMW E36 - PRO SERIES

Plug and play ledningsnett for montering av 2JZ motor i din BMW E36.

Støtter Følgende motorer:
Any non VVTI 2JZ from MKIV Supra (pre '97)

Any non VVTI 2JZ from Aristo (pre '97)

BMW 3 (E36) 318i 1995 - 2000
BMW 3 (E36) 316i 1993 - 1999
BMW 3 (E36) 320i 1991 - 1998
BMW 3 (E36) 323i 1991 - 1998
BMW 3 (E36) 325i 1991 - 1998
BMW 3 (E36) 328i 1991 - 1998
BMW 3 (E36) M3 1991 - 1999
Art.nr: 136046628
Ecu Type
Dynamo kontakt
Oljetrykk sensor
Oksygen sensor/lambda sonde
Turbo system
Luftmengdemåler/MAP sensor
Startmotor kontakt
Speedometer kalibrering
Original girkassse
Nå:11 642 krFør: 12 517 kr


  • Plug and play.
  • Point to Point continuity tested on every wire.
  • Constructed using OEM connectors and seals.
  • Made with high temp TXL wire (-40C to +125C operating temperature) with adhesive shrink tubing.
  • Wrapped in lightweight nylon loom with -94C to +257C operating temperature.
  • Includes built in charge harness and improved grounds.
  • Quick disconnect MAFS.
  • Coil harness sub-harness.
  • Knock sensor sub-harness.
  • Transmission harness with reverse and speed sensor wiring.
  • Wiring and relays for dual OEM LS fans.
  • Alternator charge cable.
  • OBD2 consult port.
  • Nissan Diagnostics connector.
  • E36 Power and dash interface connectors.
  • Retains factory A/C, speedometer, tachometer (calibration requires SGI-8 unit), engine temperature gauge (needs to add sensor), oil pressure sensor, alternator charge light, reverse lights and wipers.

Note:25-Pin Fusebox connector cores needs to be sent in. Coolant and Oil sensor adapters (sold separately) retain the use of factory BMW Oil Pressure and Coolant Temp cluster functionality.

Our Pro-Series is ideal for those looking for the best aesthetics, weight savings and reliability. Completely replace your old harness and forget about electrical gremlins

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